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One World Trade Center awaits FCC’s repacking decisions for new broadcast tenants  10/7/2013

"Cord Cutters" turning to online video and over-the-air TV antennas  6/27/2013

DTV reception remains a concern  6/15/2009

More viewers prepare for DTV transition  5/7/2009

TV converter box coupons start flowing again  3/5/2009

WSPA-TV tower serving Greenville-Spartanburg, SC collapses in winter storm  3/1/2009

Hundreds of television stations cut analog signals   2/17/2009

25% of analog TV signals cut off  2/17/2009

Many consumers making the switch to DTV need a new antenna  2/16/2009

Some TV stations could switch to digital early  2/2/2009

DTV sooner than you may think  1/29/2009

House votes against delaying switch to digital TV  1/28/2009

Hawaii's digital switch goes smoothly  1/16/2009

Delaying DTV deadline compounds complexity of transition  1/15/2009

More money may be appropriated for DTV converter box coupons  1/1/2009

Expected DTV coverage by market  1/1/2009

FCC unanimously approves white space use  11/5/2008

New survey shows strong growth in consumer awareness of the DTV transition  9/15/2008

As analog shutdown nears, antenna reality emerges  6/9/2008

PBS study says analog shutoff won't deter non-pay subscribers  1/28/2008

Military helicopter accident takes Georgia TV station off the air  6/1/2006

Chicago developer drops plan for lakefront TV tower   5/24/2006

Aggressive pricing could motivate consumers to switch pay TV services  2/28/2006

FCC report provides snapshot of video competition  2/22/2006

Senate Commerce Committee Approves 2009 Analog TV Deadline  10/21/2005

2009 Likely to Be Digital TV Deadline  10/14/2005

Senator Ted Stevens backs 2009 digital deadline as lawmakers finalize DTV legislation  10/11/2005

After The Storm, New Orleans Stations Add Fuel To DTV Transition Debate   9/28/2005

DirecTV's $1 Billion HDTV Plan  9/9/2004

Dotcast/Winegard e-field antenna promises improved indoor over-the-air HDTV reception  8/16/2004

Protecting free over-the-air TV service  8/16/2004

Internet Satellite Platform, Inc. (C-Band.net) Files for Chapter 11 Protection; ISAT Seeks Investment; Satellite Internet Service Remains Uninterrupted  7/27/2004

Wireless Broadband on the TV Airwaves  5/18/2004

EchoStar/Dish Network drops CBS Stations  3/9/2004

FCC gives go-ahead for News Corp. to acquire DirecTV  1/5/2004

Heavy sales of DTV sets suggest rapid transition from analog  1/5/2004

ABC stations to offer digital multicast  11/21/2003

Hughes plans to increase TV bandwidth on satellites  11/10/2003

S. Korea sticks with U.S. ATSC digital TV standard  10/20/2003

Loral Skynet Declares Telstar 4 a Total Loss  9/22/2003

House bill to speed DTV adoption; require minimum DTV signal strength  8/1/2003

Denver broadcast TV tower plan approved by county commission  8/1/2003

Hard economics force WNVT-TV to return analog spectrum to FCC  7/21/2003

WIFR-TV tower in Rockford, IL collapses in 100 mph straight-line winds  7/5/2003

ABC Affiliate KETV-7 Tower Topples in Omaha  7/5/2003

HDTV still a "rich man's" game  7/1/2003

Senate Committee squares off with FCC over media ownership  7/1/2003

Senate Committee squares off with FCC over media ownership  7/1/2003

Thomson to FCC: Make broadcasters transmit full DTV power  6/30/2003

FCC Initiates Second Review of DTV Transition  1/27/2003

Consumer Group: Cable Operators Inflate Profits  1/8/2003

FCC Approves Plan for Digital Radio  10/10/2002

FCC Declines To Approve Echostar-DirecTV Merger  10/10/2002

EchoStar, DirecTV Add TV Stations  12/28/2001

FOX Television tower topples in Missouri  11/30/2001

Major North American Satellite Fleet Renamed  11/12/2001

Echostar / Dish Network Acquires Hughes / DirecTV For 28.5 Billion  10/30/2001

Pending Decision Could Create Monopoly in Satellite TV Service  10/25/2001

New York City TV and Radio Stations Off The Air After World Trade Center Collapse   9/12/2001

Winegard Changes Chromstar 2000 VHF/UHF and VHF-only TV Antennas   6/11/2001

FCC Adopts Network Program Non-Duplication   11/2/2000

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