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C-Band Satellite Products:

Satellite Receivers Satellite Receivers

Replace your old C-Band satellite receiver with a new, easier to use 4DTV receiver and start enjoying twice as many channels for less money than what small dish owners pay.

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California Amplifier LNB's LNB's

Does your satellite reception have sparkles in it? Maybe you have suddenly lost your satellite signal alltogether? If so, there is a good chance that a new LNB will solve your reception problems.

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Feedhorns and Feedhorn Parts Feedhorns and Feedhorn Parts

The feedhorn is the part that mounts to the supporting legs of the dish and collects the satellite signal reflected by the satellite dish antenna then funnels it to the LNB.

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Satellite Dish Antennas Satellite Dish Antennas

Installing a new C-Band satellite system or replacing your current satellite dish antenna? If so, check out our D & H line of satellite antennas. They are built to last for years and outperform nearly all other residential dishes.

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Satellite Actuators Satellite Actuators

Replace your worn out actuator arm with a new Von Weise or Thomson Saginaw satellite actuator.

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Satellite Parts and Accessories Satellite Parts & Accessories

From actuator sensors to servo motors and remote controls, this section has everything you need to service your C-Band satellite system.

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C-Band Satellite Cable C-Band Satellite Cable

Cheap satellite cable is the cause of common satellite reception problems like "sparkles" and complete channel loss. Install quality satellite cable from Comm/Scope and lay your service problems to rest.

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Surge Protectors C-Band Satellite Surge Protectors

Protect your satellite system and entire entertainment system with a lifetime warranty surge protector from Panamax.

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For people interested in used C-Band satellite products, we have a wide selection of hardware that has been traded in by our customers that have upgraded to newer C-Band satellite equipment. These products have been tested and are guaranteed to work upon delivery unless otherwise noted. To view our inventory of used C-Band satellite equipment click here. If you would like to know how to find good used C-Band equipment in your area or to locate a local dealer for service please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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