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Feedhorns and Feedhorn Parts:


Polarotor I E/A C-Band Feedhorn Chaparral PRI E/A
C-Band Feedhorn

Designed for reception of C-Band satellite signals from 3.4 - 4.2 GHz, the PRI E/A feedhorn includes a servo motor for skew control.

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Corotor II+ C/KU Band Feedhorn Chaparral Corotor II+ and
Corotor II+ Wideband C/KU Band Feedhorn

The Corotor II+ and Corotor II+ Wideband are designed for systems which require reception of both C and KU-Band signals. The Corotor II+ is primarily for reception of satellites in North America while the Corotor II+ Wideband is used throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

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Servo Motors

Astrotel SM-7 Servo Motor Chaparral Servo Motor
Servo Motor

The Chaparral Servo Motor interfaces with the Chaparral PRI E/A and Corotor II+/Corotor II+ Wideband feedhorns, as well as Astrotel, ADL and other feedhorns that accept a servo motor.


Feedhorn/LNB Covers

Chaparral Feedhorn Throat Cover Chaparral Feedhorn Throat Cap

The Chaparral feedhorn throat cap keeps insects and other debris out of the throat of Chaparral C and C/Ku Band feehorns.


Feedhorn/LNB Cover SAMI Model 32
Feedhorn/LNB Cover

The SAMI model 32 feedhorn/LNB cover measures 10.5" in diameter and 18" in length, equipped with a donut. Designed to fit prime focus satellite dish antennas with buttonhook, tripod or quad leg supports.


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