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Motorola 4DTV Digital Satellite Receiver

DSR-922 4DTV Digital Satellite Receiver

Are you tired of overpaying for popular cable and satellite channels? Tired of being forced into long term contracts to get those channels? Many people are and that's one of the BIGGEST ADVANTAGES to a C-Band satellite system. The Motorola 4DTV satellite receiver allows you to subscribe to popular cable and satellite channels at a fraction of the cost of what DirecTV, Dish Network and cable companies charge for the same programming.

The Motorola 4DTV satellite receiver tunes in satellite programming just like a DirecTV or Dish Network receiver, except the programming is being received from a different (C-Band) satellite. Instead of calling DirecTV or Dish Network to subscribe to a programming package, you call Programming Center which does not require a 1 or 2 year contract and the same programming can be half the cost! And just like with DirecTV and Dish Network satellite receivers and modern cable boxes, the Motorola 4DTV satellite receiver features a built-in Interactive Programming Guide (IPG) so you don't have to know the satellite and channel locations like you had to with traditional C-Band satellite receivers.

Here are some of the features you can get with the 4DTV Digital Satellite Receiver:

   No Contracts or Contract Extentions - Ever!

   No Minimum Package Required

   Freedom To Order What You Want, When You Want It

   Ala Carte Channel Choices

   Movie Channels Ala Carte

   No Termination or Hidden Fees

   No Credit Check

   No Social Security Number Required

   High Quality Picture Without Rain or Snow Fade Outages

   Programming Call Center in USA, No Outsourcing

   Quality Built Receivers, Unlike DirecTV and Dish Network

   You Own Your Own Equipment, No Lease Fees

Motorola has not made the 4DTV receiver in several years, however we have previously owned, tested units in stock that we back with a 60 day warranty. We also program satellite X4 into each receiver's list of satellites and verify that the Interactive Programming Guide (IPG) works so you can start watching your favorite channels on C-Band even faster.

Installation and over-the-phone technical support are available at an additional charge.

Model: DSR-922
Price: $449.95
FedEx Ground Shipping: $25.00 - $35.00
To place an order please contact us.

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