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Antenna Mounting Products:

Antenna Masting 1.5" O.D. Antenna Masting

Our 1.5" O.D. antenna masting is made of high strength 16 gauge steel and has an expanded end w/anti-twist lock. It is perfect for supporting TV, FM and wireless Internet antennas. These masts can be purchased in 5 and 9 foot lengths and can be shipped by UPS Ground

1.5" x 5': $15.00
1.5" x 9': $30.00

Eave Mounts 45-60" Adjustable Eave Mount

The 45-60" adjustable eave mount is a strong and easy way to mount a TV, FM or wireless Internet antenna to the eave of a house or building with a flat or steep roof. The eave mounts are made of 16 gauge zinc plated steel.


Heavy Duty Swivel Wall Bracket 3" Extra Heavy Duty Swivel Wall Bracket

The 3" extra heavy duty swivel wall mount bracket is our strongest mounting bracket and is used for mounting a mast to a wall or other vertical surface. It is perfect for roof to ground antenna mast installations. The 3" extra heavy duty swivel wall mount bracket is made of 14 gauge zinc plated steel.

$14.50 Each

Wall Brackets Wall Mount Brackets

Wall mounting brackets are used on houses that have a hipped roof when there isn't an eave to secure an eave mount to. The wall mounting brackets are made of 16 gauge galvanized steel. Seven sizes are available.

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NPRM-2 Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts

The NPRM-2 is ideal for antenna installations where there is a flat roof and standard mounting brackets cannot be used.

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A Self-Supporting Tower Towers

Towers allow antennas to be mounted high up in the air to clear obstructions making signals stronger. Two types of towers are available: bracketed and self-supporting. Both types must be shipped by a less than truckload (LTL) freight carrier, such as FedEx Freight or UPS Freight.

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