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Winegard HD-7084P VHF/UHF TV Antenna

The Winegard HD-7084P is an excellent antenna for weak reception areas that are more than 25 miles away from the desired TV stations.

Winegard HD-7084P VHF/UHF TV Antenna

The Winegard High Definition-Platinum model HD-7084P VHF/UHF TV antenna is an excellent choice for suburban to deep fringe reception areas. The HD-7084P has red hot performance on all channels (2-69) and has 2-3dB more gain than even the best antennas that electronic and department stores sell. And unlike most other antennas, Winegard High Definition-Platinum Series TV antennas have a built-on weatherproof balun transformer cartridge for connection to a 75 ohm coax cable downlead. A separate matching transformer is not required.

Like all Winegard High Definition-Platinum Series TV antennas, the HD-7084P can survive even the harshest weather conditions. Typical low-end antennas simply fall apart over time due to high winds and even the lightest icing, but the HD-7084P has been engineered for extra strength with double boom braces and high impact ABS girder design element support insulators to help combat these harsh weather conditions. This is why Winegard High Definition-Platinum Series TV antennas can last more than 15 years, unlike other antennas that typically last half as long.

Mechanical Specifications:

   Active Elements  68

   VHF Elements  28

   UHF Elements  40

   Boom Length  131"

   Turning Radius  81"

   Maximum Width  110"

   Vertical Height  25.2"

   Element Diameter  3/8"

   Net Weight  11.2 lbs.

   Shipping Weight  13.5 lbs.

   Carton Dimensions  102" x 7" x 7"

Electrical Specifications:

TV CHANNEL CH.2 CH.4 CH.6 CH.7 CH.9 CH.11 CH.13 CH.14 CH.32 CH.50 CH.69
dB Gain Over
Reference Dipole
6.2 7.2 7.6 10.9 12.0 10.9 10.8 14.6 12.1 11.8 10.2
Beamwidth at Half Power Points 69° 68° 68° 31° 33° 46° 34° 42° 41° 36° 22°
Front-To-Back Ratio 20dB 20+dB 20+dB 19dB 17dB 15dB 17dB 11dB 20dB 20dB 12dB
Polar Patterns:

HD-7084P Polar Patterns

Model: HD-7084P
Price: $118.75
To place an order please contact us.

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