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Winegard High Definition Platinum Series
TV Antennas

Engineered to be the best TV antennas you can buy, Winegard's High Definition Platinum Series antennas have superior features not found on other antennas.

High Definition-Platinum Series Features

Built-On Coax Cable Transformer A.  Built-On Coax Transformer

Unlike most other antennas, the Winegard High Definition Platinum Series of TV antennas have a built-on weatherproof balun transformer cartridge for connection to a coax cable downlead. A separate matching transformer is not required.

Positive Locking Insulators B.  Positive Locking Insulators

High Definition Platinum antennas have high-impact, girder type support insulators with four positive locks per-element to keep the elements supported and aligned properly even under the harshest weather conditions. You can actually see the difference in the rugged construction.

Anodized Elements C.  Anodized Elements

Exclusive Winegard silver anodizing...the only positive permanent protection against corrosion. This unique anodizing process provides better protection against corrosion and industrial deposits.

Truss-Type Element Phasing D.  Truss-Type Element Phasing

Truss-type phasing bars on both the top and bottom of the main boom have more conductive surface and give maximum transfer of signal between the elements and the downlead. The truss-type "bridge" construction more than doubles the boom strength.

Double Boom E.  Double Boom

Larger High Definition Platinum antennas feature a double boom, which keeps the elements in line and prevents the main boom from sagging even under severe icing. All High Definition Platinum antennas have square booms, which are much stronger than round booms like some of the competition's antennas have.

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