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Winegard's Sensar III VHF/UHF TV antennas are a good choice for metropolitan areas where TV signals are strong, ghosting is not a problem and a small, compact TV antenna is desired.

Winegard Sensar III TV Antenna

The Winegard Sensar III VHF/UHF TV antennas are excellent antennas where installing a large TV antenna is not possible or desired, especially for tenants of apartments. The redesigned housing updates the Sensar's appearance, and the embossed "rib" improves the wing strength. The plastic housing will not corrode - perfect for areas subject to salt spray. The attractive gray housing and elements will blend with any siding or roof when mounted.

Two models are available, including the GS-2200 with a built-in 12 dB (average gain) preamplifier for areas that are 10-30 miles from the broadcasting antennas and the GS-1100 non-amplified version for areas that are less than 10 miles from the broadcasting antennas. These antennas have a 75 Ohm coax cable downlead connection, so a separate matching transformer is not required. Both models will clamp to masts up to two inches in diameter. For new antenna installations use the Winegard DS-3000 universal pipe mount.

Mechanical Specifications:

   Overall Antenna Width  46.5"

   Antenna Bracket Width   6.25"

   Antenna Housing Depth  6"

   Antenna Housing Height  2.5"

   Antenna Element Depth  4.75"

   Turning Radius  23.1"

   Element Material  Gray Powder Coated Aluminum

   Shipping Weight  5 lbs.

   Shipping Dimensions  49" L x 7.5" W x 4.25" H

Electrical Specifications (GS-2200):

   Bandpass   54-850 MHz

   Avg. Amplifier Gain  12 dB (VHF); 12 dB (UHF)

   Avg. Noise   3 dB

   Total Input (VHF/UHF)   51 dBmV

   Fixed FM Trap   -15 dB

   Current Usage   60 mA @ 12 VDC

   Output Impedance  75 ohms

Polar Patterns:

Model Description Price
GS-2200 Amplified Version $68.00
GS-1100 Non-Amplified Version $27.00
DS-3000 38" Universal Pipe Mount $21.00

To place an order please contact us.

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