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SquareShooter(TM) Compact, Directional VHF-HI / UHF TV Antenna

Winegard's SquareShooter directional VHF-HI / UHF TV antenna is a good choice for urban and metropolitan areas where TV signals are strong, ghosting is a problem and a small, compact TV antenna is desired.

Outdoor Deck Rail Mount Outdoor Wall Mount Installation Outdoor combination mount with DBS dish
Patio Roof Installation Indoor floor use Attic mount on overhead rafter

Specifically designed to receive reflected broadcast signals, the SquareShooter(TM) is uniquely suited for urban/metropolitan areas where line-of-sight to the broadcast antennas is blocked. This 15" square antenna can receive VHF-HI channels 7-13 and UHF channels 14-69 and features up to a 20 dB front-to-back ratio which helps to eliminate ghosting problems which can cause digital broadcasts to "tile" or not come in at all - even in high signal areas.

This is critical for downtown urban locations where we might find for example, viewers living on the opposite side of a 20-story high-rise building from where the desired TV station's transmitter is located. This antenna was specifically designed to allow pointing of the antenna at another building to zero-in on the desired reflected signal, reject all other multi-path signals and still be able to deliver a good picture.

Because of it's size and versatile installation options, it can be mounted practically anywhere for the best TV reception such as on railings, patios, walls, fascias, roofs or in attics. With the addition of a Winegard DS-1000 pole mount which meets DirecTV and Dish Network’s wind load requirements, the SquareShooter(TM), when mounted above a satellite dish and diplexed with the satellite system, will incorporate a satellite and Off-Air signal onto one coax cable.*

The antenna is manufactured from Dow Chemical ABS Magnum 9555 plastic and other materials that will not corrode - perfect for areas subject to salt spray.

Mechanical Specifications:

   Antenna Housing Width  16"

   Antenna Housing Height  16"

   Antenna Housing Depth  4"

   Turning Radius  11"

   Housing Material  Dow Chemical ABS Magnum 9555 Plastic

   Clamp  Accommodates Masts 1" - 2"

   Net Weight  11.5 lbs

   Shipping Weight  13 lbs.

Electrical Specifications:

   Avg. Beamwidth  61°

   Avg. VSWR Across Band  1.3:1

   Avg. Front-to-Back Ratio  13 dB

   Avg. UHF Gain  4.5 dBd

   Output Impedance  75 ohms

TV CHANNEL CH. 7 CH. 10 CH. 14 CH. 32 CH. 50 CH. 69
dB Gain Over
Reference Dipole
Beamwidth at Half Power Points 95° 93° 68° 67° 58° 54°
Front-To-Back Ratio 6 dB 2.6 dB 20 dB 16 dB 12.5 dB 12 dB
Polar Patterns:

SS-1000 Polar Patterns

Model: SS-1000
Price: $99.50
Avg. U.S. Shipping Price: $8.00 - 15.00
To place an order please contact us.

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