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TV Distribution Systems (SMATV)
An apartment complex MATV system in Muncie, IN
An apartment complex MATV system

Stallions Satellite and Antenna specializes in the design, installation, and service of TV distribution systems, which includes SMATV (satellite master antenna television) systems, private cable systems and commercial C/Ku Band TVRO downlink satellite systems. These systems are typically found in multiple dwelling units (apartment complexes), hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, airports, bars and other commercial properties.

Major advantages of owning your own SMATV (private cable) system versus using a franchise cable system include:

   Superior TV Reception on All Channels, on Every TV

   Huge Savings over Franchise Cable Rates

   Customized Channels For Your Property

   Reliable TV Service Without Cable Outages

If you would like more information on how take advantage of the many benefits that a private cable system could offer you or your property contact us and we will be happy to create a solution for your individual needs.

For immediate service of your commercial TV system, including SMATV, private cable or satellite system contact us.

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