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C-Band Satellite Systems

C-Band Satellite Dishes Are you confused when it comes to the many choices of television options that are available today? Maybe you should consider a C-Band satellite system.

With a C-Band satellite system you can now receive more than 1000 channels of programming and C-Band systems have the ability to deliver thousands of channels of programming! C-Band satellite systems also deliver far superior picture quality over what the small satellite systems and cable TV and can deliver.

C-Band satellite is not affected by heavy rain and other weather related conditions like the smaller DBS-type satellite systems. Also, C-Band satellite systems don't go out like cable TV often does after a thunderstorm. This is one of the reasons why C-Band is the delivery method of choice used by virtually every TV and radio station in the U.S. to receive their network programming feed from New York and over 90% of the popular TV shows that you watch on local TV.

A typical C-Band owner pays an average of only $30.00 per month for their programming which includes all of the main basic channels plus five movie channels! On a small dish, this same programming package would cost more than $50.00 a month. And with C-Band you can pick and choose just the channels that you watch and only pay for those channels. You aren't stuck with a package with lots of channels in it that you don't ever watch just to get a few that you want like with those smaller dish systems. C-Band gives you total flexability when it comes to what channels you subscribe to.

Plus, on a C-Band satellite system you are able to receive both the East and West Coast feeds on basic channels. These west coast feeds are at no additional charge and are only available on C-Band satellite systems! Here is an example of how nice it is having the option to watch West Coast Feeds. You are surfing through the channels and you see something that you would like to watch on an East Coast feed, but it is already half over. All you have to do is wait a few hours and that same show will be on again on the West Coast feed. C-Band satellite systems offer this on nearly all channels, not just the movie channels.

These are just a few of the many exciting benefits of C-Band satellite systems. If you have any questions about C-Band satellite systems or have a C-Band satellite system that needs service and are unsure on how to get it working again, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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