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Satellite Glossary

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Earth station:  Earth-based dishes, receivers and other equipment needed to receive satellite signals.

Elevation:  Angle between the earth's surface and a particular satellite at a given reception point (0° for horizontal and 90° for vertical).

EPG:  Electronic Program Guide - sophisticated on-screen TV listings guide which provides current and future program details. It boasts features such as subject or channel searches, program summaries, immediate access to a selected program, and reminder and parental control functions.


FEC:  Forward Error Correction - A technique for improving the robustness of data transmission. Excess bits are included in the outgoing data stream so that error-correction algorithms can be applied upon reception. For the satellite standard the Viterbi code combined with the Reed Solomon code is used. Commercial use of transponders makes 3/4 and 5/6, which means that three out of four or five out of six bits contain useable information.

Feedhorn:  A section of waveguide into which signals from a parabolic dish reflector are aimed. In most parabolic antenna designs, the feedhorn is mounted at the reflector's focal point. The output from the feedhorn directly feeds the low noise block converter (LNB).

Forward path:  The transmission path issued from the service provider and reaching the end user.

Footprint:  Geographic area covered by a satellite transmission.

FTA:  Free-to-air - Free to everyone with no need for a special descrambler to receive them.

Frequency spectrum:  A range of frequencies.

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