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Satellite Glossary

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IF:  Intermediate Frequency. The frequency range 950-2,150 MHz used for the distribution of satellite signals from the LNB at the dish to the user's satellite receiver. It is always used in direct-to-home systems and is commonly used for the distribution of DBS satellite signals in commercial systems.

Interactive TV:  TV programming where consumers can initiate, respond to or participate in what is happening on screen.

IPG:  Interactive Program Guide - sophisticated user customizeable on-screen TV listings guide which provides current and future program details. It boasts features such as subject or channel searches, program summaries, immediate access to a selected program, and reminder and parental control functions.

IRD:  Integrated Receiver Descrambler - satellite receiver with a built-in descrambler used for the reception and decoding of free and subscription satellite signals. In residential C-Band satellite systems these almost always have a built-in satellite positioner.

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