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Satellite Glossary

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Orbital Position:  Position of geostationary satellites measured in degrees east or west from the Greenwich meridian.


Parabolic Antenna:  See "satellite dish".

Pay TV:  Encrypted or scrambled TV service that can only be accessed by paying a subscription fee.

Pay-Per-View :  "PPV" - Program services that are paid for on the basis of the number of hours or programs watched rather than a straight subscription fee.

Polarization:  The orientation of a broadcast signal used to eliminate co-channel interference. Most C-Band satellite transmissions are either vertically or horizontally polarized, while most DBS satellite transmissions are circularly polarized.

Polarization offset angle:  The angle from vertical that the LNB needs to be set at for maximum reception efficiency. The actual angle depends on the geographical location of the reception site.

PVR:  Personal Video Recorder - similar to a VCR but instead of using video tape, uses a built-in hard drive to digitally record programs amd offers the ability to "pause" live television. Most have upgradeable software and some models support the recording of two channels simultaneously.

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