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Satellite Glossary

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Quad LNB:  A DBS LNB which provides all the transponders broadcast in KU-Band on four independent outputs.


Radio:  A frequency that is higher than the audio frequencies but below the infrared frequencies, usually above 20 KHz.

Receiver:  Satellite receiver, part of reception equipment used to tune into a single channel broadcast from a satellite.

Redundancy:  TV signal compression is based on the fact that all TV pictures contain redundant information; once digitised, signal size can be reduced by removing this redundant information.

Return Path:  The transmission path issued from the end user and reaching the service provider.


Satellite Dish:  The part of the reception equipment which reflects and concentrates a satellite signal at the focal point the dish.

Satellite Receiver:  The part of the reception equipment used to tune into a single channel broadcast from a satellite.

Set-top-box:  Generally a VCR-sized add-on box for a TV, enabling it to receive cable TV, over-the-air digital TV or satellite services.

Smart Card:  Credit card-sized card used in conjunction with a decoder to allow access to subscription TV services. Used on both DirecTV and EchoStar DBS satellite systems in the U.S.

SMATV:  Satellite Master Antenna Television system - commercial distribution system for satellite and off-air TV signals usually installed in a hotel or apartment building for shared used.

Subcarrier:  One or more signals, mainly audio, carried beside the main signal, such as television on a transponder or cable channel.

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