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Satellite Glossary

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Terrestrial interference - TI:  Interference to C-Band satellite reception caused by nearby ground based microwave transmitting stations operating on or near the same frequencies as C-Band (3.7-4.2 GHz). TI can be reduced by using a deeper satellite dish or eliminated by using a bandpass filter.

Terrestrial transmission:  A transmission using earth-based transmitters.

Transponder:  Receives a transmission from an earth station, changes its frequency, and re-transmits it back to earth.

TVRO:  Television Receive Only - earth-based dishes, receivers and other equipment needed to receive satellite signals. Typically home C-Band satellite systems.


Uplink:  Transmission from earth to a satellite.


Video:  That portion of a signal that contains information that has been gathered from a camera or other sensing device designed to convert the appearance of physical objects into electrical signals. Also, that portion of a received signal that is designed to be fed to an image display device.

Video inversion:  A type of signal scrambling in which the video signals are reversed in polarity. At the descrambling end, the received video signals are inverted once again, which results in a reproduction of the original unscrambled satellite broadcast.

VSWR:  Voltage Standing Wave Ratio - A measurement of mismatch in a cable, waveguide, or antenna system.

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