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Remote Control Repair

So you've got a remote control where no matter how hard you press on the buttons they just won't work? No problem. After reading this tutorial you'll have a better understanding of how to repair that remote of yours without having to buy a new one, which can be very expensive...if you can still buy another original replacement remote.

Remote controls get used a lot, and when your sitting there pressing the channel up button going through the hundreds of channels available with sticky hands from that popcorn that you've been eating, those food particles slowly work their way down into the seems around the buttons of the remote control. Over time, these particles can get in between the electronic contacts of the rubber keypad and the circuit board of the remote control causing some of the buttons not to work as they once did. Even worse, soda, beer, or other liquids commonly found around the coffee table often end up inside of the remote, causing the buttons to stick and not work like they should...or at all.

So what can you do to get that remote of yours working like it's brand new? Clean it! You will first need to take the remote to a clean flat surface with plenty of light. The things that you will need to clean your remote control will be a jewler's screwdriver set, some Q-tips, rubbing alcohol, and some patience...if the remote ends up being really dirty inside (I've used as many as 50 Q-tips to clean a remote before!).

Once you have these things, remove the batteries from the remote and then remove the screws holding the cover on. Then VERY CAREFULLY separate the front and back plastic parts of the remote control. Some remotes can be very stubborn to take apart, so you may have to use a small flat blade screwdriver to help pry the two pieces apart. Some remotes even slide forward slightly and then come straight off. Once you have accomplished the hardest part of whole job, lay the pieces of the remote in different areas so you will know which parts go where when you go to put it back together.

Finish removing all of the screws from the remote until you can remove the rubber keypad from the plastic holes that it fits into. Then pour a little rubbing alcohol inside of the cap that was on the bottle and dip one end of the Q-tip into the rubbing alcohol and procede to wipe away any dirt and grime that has accumulated on the remote keypad and plasic parts. After the remote has been throughly cleaned, put it back together in the reverse order that you took it apart and reinstall the batteries. The remote should work much better now that it doesn't have the leftovers from last week's party inside of it.

If after cleaning your remote using the above method some of the buttons still don't work properly, there is a product that you can buy to coat the electric conductors on the rubber keypad. This product is the Permatex Quick Grid Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit (part number 15067). This can be picked up at many auto parts stores, such as NAPA, for under $10.00. It is intended to repair rear window defoggers on cars, but does an excellent job of recoating the worn off buttons on the control pad surface which contacts the printed circuit board. It contains a conductive resin which can be painted on the bad button. Just make sure to allow the remote keypad to dry for 24 hours like the instructions say before putting the remote back together and using it.

If none of these steps above have any affect on repairing your remote, then you will probably have to buy a new one. We have universal remotes that can control just about any device that uses an infrared remote control...including C-Band satellite receivers! For more information on new universal remote controls please contact us.

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