TACO Communications Self-Supporting Towers

WADE Antenna towers are shipped complete in a compact 8 foot bundle with concrete base stubs, 1.5" x 8' - 16 gauge mast, U-clamp assembly, and all necessary nuts, bolts, and washers, as well as illustrated instructions.

DMX Tower Models and Pricing:
Tower Height Model Tower Weight Price
24 Ft. DMX-28 88 lbs. $860.00
32 Ft. DMX-36 121 lbs. $1168.00
40 Ft. DMX-44 168 lbs. $1566.50
48 Ft. DMX-52 226 lbs. $2116.60
56 Ft. DMX-60 292 lbs. $2658.40
64 Ft. DMX-68 362 lbs. $3215.40

DMX-series towers are shipped from the warehouse in Lafayette, Indiana, Grand Rapids, Michigan and the factory in Brantford, Ontario by freight carriers only. For a shipping quotation please contact us.

DMX Tower Parts and Accessories

For DMX tower parts and accessories, click here.

DMX Tower Installation

Erecting, installing, and dismantling towers requires specialized skills and experience. Information supplied by Stallions Antenna assumes that all tower products will be installed or dismantled by personnel having these skills and having worked with similar products before. No one should attempt to install or dismantle towers without these skills and experience.

DMX Tower Base Requirements

It is recommended that a square hole be dug 4 Ft. deep and 8 inches wider at the top on each side than the width of the base section of the tower. The hole should have vertical sides until the last foot and then be "belled" out on all sides about 6 inches. Here is a table of approximate base widths at ground level and volume of bases for "ready mixed" concrete:

Tower Model Base Width Concrete Required
(Cubic Yards)
DMX-28 33" 1.18
DMX-36 36" 1.35
DMX-44 38" 1.54
DMX-52 41" 1.80
DMX-60 43" 2.10
DMX-68 46" 2.30

DMX Tower Installation Instructions

To view the installation instructions for DMX-series self-supporting towers click here (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required).

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