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Wind Speed Alarm

Wind Speed Alarm Wind Speed Sensor
The Maximum Wind Alarm provides a dual set of adjustable limits for alerting of wind-sensitive equipment. Can be used to alert you to high or low wind speeds and can be factory calibrated in mph, km/h or knots.

To operate, set the thumb-wheel switches to your desired levels. When wind speed achieves or exceeds the first setting for 3 seconds, a yellow warning light illuminates and one internal SPDT relay activates. When wind speed achieves or exceeds the second setting for 3 seconds, a red light illuminates, a 90dB piezo buzzer sounds, and the second internal SPDT relay is activated.

Wind Alarm is housed in a 6.3"H x 4.72"W x 3.29"D weathertight polycarbonate case and utilizes a non micro-processor circuit to minimize occurrence of latch-up. It is accurate to +/- 2 MPH and operates on 12 volts DC, or with an optional AC adaptor.

Shipped complete with Wind Alarm indicator, cable, outdoor wind sensor, stub-mast, and sensor mounting hardware.

Here are the technical specifications for the Maximum Wind Alarm wind speed indicator:

   Indicator Unit

Red LED Display Window: 1" square.

Dimensions: 6.3" high x 4.72" wide x 3.29" deep.

Power Requirements: 12 VDC. May be connected to AC power with a 117 VAC to 12 VDC power supply.


Cup-type: 7 1/2" swept diameter, weighs 4 ounces. Output linearly proportional to 8 mph. Output @ 102 mph is 3 VAC @ 300 mA. Starting threshold is 1 mph. Black Lexan housing inpervious to shock, vibration, sunlight, and ice. Calibrated to a master to be interchangeable. Thrust and joint bearings are O-ring mounted, self-aligning to Beryllium copper shaft, impervious to moisture and salt air. Bearings are self-lubricating teflon for stability under extreme conditions.

   Connecting Wire

22 AWG, 2-conductor, Non-PVC jacketed. Outdoor sensors can be placed up to 500' away. For sensor placement further away, use larger gauge wire.

Model: Wind Alarm
Price: $495.00

To place an order please contact us.
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